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Natural Hair Community

I am a natural hair guru in my own right. I get results, I transform not only your curls but your mindset. I have been a professional for over 30 years and I love what I do. GOD blessed me at a young age that I had to embrace my natural hair. My lessons are now your blessings that brings clarity, understanding and self confidence. I have healed alopecia in my own hair, I have healed excessive dry hair & changed my texture. I have healed me being pre diabetic all with detoxing and a plant base lifestyle. I want to help other curly girls to love and understand there hair. Feeling confident in there skin, looking good, feeling good and ready to be all GOD has call them to be.


Natural Hair Community

You can expect to learn and understand your hair and health on a new level bringing new results. You deserve a healthy head of easy to manage hydrated curls that you can grow and maintain in between salon visits.

Natural Hair Community

1) Make you love your hair 

2) Make you stay consistent


looking over offers, making a decision between the 1 year partnership program and community products and process to see which one works best for you. Pick one along with purchasing the hair and body detox. Make sure to join our email list and get started with our 30 day hair detox reset.

Natural Hair Community

There are no refunds on pdf’s or digital products or services. Note once you commit to the 1 year partnership program you are locked in to the services and payments. If you back out you will be charged the balance of the year. If you need to make adjustments in schedule just contact us to do so.

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