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How to measure your head for glue less units & braid pattern.

This is so vital for a few reasons.

  1. We want your glueless unit to fit your head specifically. No falling off, no shifting. This unit will be made specifically for your head only.

  2. The braid pattern helps the unit to sit and sync with your head. This pattern allows the combs to fit and hold the wig in place for extra support and to lay flat. No cap necessary.

Information I want you to know

1. DO NOT use this as a form of hair care because it is NOT if you handle incorrectly.

What is correct use?

If unit is sewed down please follow the proper shampoo , conditioner regimen. If you have dandruff or Seborrhea , this particular method would not be for you because you need to shampoo your scalp more often to prevent bacteria and buildup on your scalp. The sew down method with wigs can take the place of sew in weaves. 60-90 days at a time can be a method to retain length especially in colder months of the year as you maintain your hair care regimen before, in between and after.

You will need to come to a professional every 3 weeks for maintaining the wig and your understanding.

The price you pay for install of a sew in and the hair your paying for a glueless unit. I love this better because it's way less tention and no hair left out at all. Meaning all your hair is protected from the elements creating an environment for length and moisture retention.

2. If you are NOT sewing your glueless unit down you still need to shampoo and condition properly according to your specialized hair care regimen. The difference is you will not be sewing it down so you need to wrap your braids up at night to trap moisture and prevent drying out your braids. I suggest redo braid down 10-12 days to rehydrate the hair and refresh your wig.

Shampoo, condition and restyle your wig. Do not let your hair go dry apply Edan body works ( Almond Marshmallow Therapy Leave In Conditioner) to hair shaft and ends as you braid the hair down.

3. Never let the hair glueless unit Matt!!!

Daily keep detangled especially the nape are ( neck)

Curly hair, Mist bottle with a bit of spray conditioner and vent brush will do. Straight hair, wrap that hair at night or ponytail or bonnet. Take care of all your hairs ... lol

4.If you didnt know our hair has a growth cycle and how long that last can be 1 year up intill 5 years depending on genetics. This is why every one hair grows at a diffrent rate. But, what I want you to understand you can get maximum hair growth during this cycle by your regimen ( lifestyle) Your diet, hair care maintainance and stress level is key. I suggest you get the 1 on 1 training so you understand your hair ,the products it needs and how to use them correctly according to what your hair is saying. I suggest also during this time to take advantage of Sidity Chic Hair Detox and or Hair Juice Recipie. In todays world stress is real and will take out your hair or stunt your hair growth. I suggest taking a herb called Ashwagandha. I absolutly love this Ayurvedic herb as it has so many healing benefits and one is it helps combats stress and anxiety.

5. Trims every 3 months will keep your hair healthy. Less tangles. Less breakage, more healthy full hair from root to ends. If you are getting a sew in get trim before or after service.

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