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After the first visit then you will book 4 appointments over the next year, every 3 months. Your appointments are specialized and specific to your hair care needs. I want you to ask questions to get understanding, making your skill better so you can easily manage your hair at home. I'm guiding you giving you professional advice so please make the most of our time. You are required at your first visit before leaving to make yearly visits. No Exceptions! You will NOT be billed at this visit for future visits, you pay at the 3 month visit each time. If you are a no show or no call, you will be charged for the yearly visits and unable to ever rebook. All rescheduling needs to be no later than 48 hours. If you just stop coming you will be charged the remaining of the year fee.

You will get PDF of Community Products and Process emailed to you with FB community link. 


Price Options
$450.00every 3 months for 12 months
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