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If you are here you are dealing with hair and or scalp issues and
you want change. Congratulations you are on the right path but,
the hard work has yet to begin. On your health journey every time
the thought of I cant do this or I cant afford this, remember that is
a LIE. If you really want it you will find a way to make it happen

for yourself. NO EXCUSES!!!!!

This is the only way to get to the root of all scalp issues, slow
growing hair, internally dry hair, thinning and bolding. If you
dont it will continue to lay dormit in your system and get worse.

Soon as you get a little bit of hair it will fall back out,

Others dealing with brittle hair. Its such a pain buying products and
your hair still is hard and dry. After this transformation the hair
products you paid good money for that never seem to work, will
after this. My ladies with slow growing hair or just want to maintain
hair health you will not only see a difference but you are ahead of

the game in prevention to not have such issues.

Hair issues come from Lymphatic Stagnation and it has been going
on for years in your body and you are now seeing the manifestation
of it. Your blood circulation has slowed down in your scalp area, acid
has built up stagnating your hair growth, drying out your scalp soon to cause imflammation, sparce thinning hair and alopecia.

This detox can be 30 days - 6 months depending on your
situation and how fast you want results. You wont be alone I have created a private facebook group so we can celebrate our wins and fight throught  our challenges as we encourage our way to better health and healthier hair.

30 Day Hair & Body Detox

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