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This is for the curly girl who’s hair is dehydrated from protective styling or who has not practice haircare properly. Who’s hair is unable to last in a wash and go for 5-7 days due to dehydrated frizzy hair. Before we can partner together in the 1 Year Partnership Program to achieve your hair goals and for you to master healthy hair, we first have to get your hair healthy enough to last in a defined wash and go for 5-7 days.


We have to Restore and Rebuild your hair to be manageable with the perfect balance between moisture and protein.


This PDF will guide you step by step with the formulas and products to remedy dehydrated hair behaviors, breakage hair behaviors and tangled hair back to health. You will get a link to the FREE 30 Day Hair Detox PDF, with products, process and links. You also get a link to join the FREE 30 Day Hair Detox Facebook Group for personal guided community. You get links to how to shampoo your hair correctly & how to do your wash and go correctly. You will get a link for the morning juice detox to hydrate your hair from the inside as we do our haircare on the outside. You also will get alternative hair styling methods that are safe in this program if you are suffering from thinning or balding or if you want a switch up during the process. You also will have the links to join the 1 year partnership Program and or the Community Products and Process once your hair is healthy enough to last in a wash and go for 5-7 days.

The Ultimate Curly Girl Guide

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