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In today's world it is so easy to get overwhelmed with negative energy. It is easy to ignore our pain because we have so many distraction. We can work it away. We can sex it away. We can drink it away. We can smoke it away and the list goes on. Yet no matter the distractions the pain never goes away unless addressed other wise it will manifest. Unhealed child hood issues turn into adult issue and shows up in our self talk, our relationships, our success or lack there of, how we allow others to treat us and how we treat our self. We can run all we want but we cant run from self. GOD says in his word we have to bear the burden of our own cross and believe me he also gives us what we need to overcome.


Even though childhood pains was NOT our fault it is our responsibility to heal so we can flourish intowho we was called to be and be and example of overcoming our experiences and being a blessing to uplift our sister our brother. This is what's wrong today to many people have not taken personal responsibility for there personal healing and there walking around spreading there pain. Is that you? That has been me for years and I'm still on my healing journey to become.

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