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Let’s understand the difference between hydration and moisture.

Have you every touched your hair after applying oil or some type of hair grease and your hands or pillowcase are shiny with hair grease everywhere? Welp that's moisture. Moisture lays ontop of the hair never penetrating inside the hair follicle and everytime you touch your hair or something rubs aginst your hair, there goes your moisture. Your hair can have moisture and still be dry.

Contrary to the belief in our natural hair community oil blocks hydration, which is what we need and I will get back to that because trust me I was fooled too, even had the L.O.C method in my book. I have been in the hair industry for over 30 years and the education on natural hair care has grown alot. I would see naturals come off the street who take care of there own hair and there hair 9 out of 10 would be serverly dehydrated, frizzy and brittle with loads of split ends. Most can not achieve a wash and go becouse the lack of hair care and the natural curl could not hold a defined curl pattern for 7 days. I seen ladies come in with coconut oil inbeded in there hair and want a silk press. No way it is happening!

Hydration comes from the inside two diffrent ways. One through your diet, I can not stress this enough and I have client testimoies to prove it. By a more holistic diet change in 6 months it will take away all dandruff, dry scalp, brittle hair, slow growing hair with less split ends. Your hair will grow faster be more shiny and well hydrated. Your curls will pop and become very defined, your silkpress will be so full of body and shine. Your hair tells a story of your internal health and most of use are dehyrated internally, lacking the necessary vitamins and nutrients your blood needs to feed your hair.I promise water aint it!!!

Two it starts in the shampoo bowl with the correct products, temputures of water, the correct conditioners and the good old hydration machine. Hydration is water ladies and its about how to trap that water inside the hair follicle. Its a system that is black and white yet diffrent for everyone. No one has the exact same needs, situation,DNA, health,habbits nor lifestyle. So this looks the same yet diffrent for everyone.


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